Telephone Systems

When selecting a telephone system for your small to medium business you must select a reliable, up to date system, which will assist in achieving your business objectives. AST Technologies believes that there is no such thing as ‘one system fits all’. AST Technologies will assist you in selecting a telephone system based on the individual needs of your business.

AST Technologies provides the following telephone systems

Samsung The Samsung OfficeServ range integrates the latest developments in Internet Protocol (IP) technology with the intelligence and stability of traditional telecommunications technology. The Samsung OfficeServ range has a suitable converged communications solution for any sized business from small single site businesses to large multi-site enterprises, more…..
  NEC NEC has a broad range of IP Communications Servers, PBX, Broadband Access Systems. NEC systems catered for all types of users from 2 extensions to very large enterprise businesses. NEC Call Center application and Unified Communications are well known for their quality and robustness. Range of handsets are second to none for their versatility and ease of use, more…
Alcatel-Lucent The Alcatel-Lucent phone system includes the following features & Benefits, click here…
LG-Ericsson The LG-Ericsson phone systems includes the following features & benefits, click here…

Here at AST Technologies we recognise that some of our clients would prefer to purchase a telephone system not bundled with carriage or a specific carrier, we have a large range of system available and can be customised to your requirements.

Contact us for details on Telstra Business Systems and how they can be moulded to your business requirements and needs. Systems can be put on your Telstra bill as a line item, no capital outlay required.

For additional information on any of the above systems systems and how they can best benefit your business, contact AST Technologies via email or call 1300 338 266.

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